Wednesday 17 October 2012

Undoubtedly it does. Thousands of unique visitors are more likely to visit your website if it can be found on the very first page during a search on Google. It has been proved that around 68% of all searchers don’t go past the first page and almost 98% of them don’t go past the 3rd page. So you can deduce how essential it is to know how to market your business well through SEO. Almost 100% of users change their keyword search after their initial search is unsuccessful. Hence it is necessary to optimize your keywords in order to deliver to the audience what they are looking out for. Stats say that there are “ over two billion people” online. That’s about 40% of the world’s population, which is a lot of potential customers. Thus here we can see that SEO can help us to boost our profits and reachability to these customers.
Search Engine Optimization is mainly all about making the crawler happy. All the SEARCH ENGINES on the web have their own ALGORITHM to rank your site higher among your competitors.CRAWLER is a by-product of the same. The crawler then crawls web pages and ranks them according to what its search engine’s norms are. These algorithms are constantly changing hence there is no hard and fast rule of how these crawlers actually work. But the basic factors for ranking are usually the same. You can go through our SEO tutorials in our blogs on Keywords- An important component in SEO, On Page SEO - Factors that can improve your Ranks and Off Page SEO - Essential aspect of increasing your Ranks.

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